Project Life – weeks 30, 31 and 32

These last few weeks of summer break have been perfect:  not quite so unbelievably hot, traveling a bit, staying home a lot, gearing up to start our second year of homeschool! (well, I am.)


I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes, I’ve been following the “scandal”.  And who knows, the whole thing could be a publicity stunt…  I dunno.  I’m interested in these two because they remind me of Bella and Edward and the books that made me a reader.


The garden changes everyday.  I can’t spend enough time out there.  I take pictures every other day and pick veggies from the garden!  We’ve been in the tomatoes, squash and zucchini this year!  It’s been great!  (no hail this year, so far…)

KC is still hanging in there.  I marked the picture below with his birthdate.  When he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, I didn’t think he’d see 14, but he’s proved to be stronger than I thought.  And through all his health issues, he seems to be getting sweeter too, even putting up with the boys a little more.  I cherish every day we have with him.


So…  when I went to put this week together, I realized I had cooked A LOT!  Most all of my pictures from the entire week were of food…  I wonder where my children were?  Huh… 

Did some freezing too:  made applesauce for Bee (which didn’t turn out great, so I’ll probably use it to bake.) And a couple batches of the best salsa ever.  (later I found out it has gluten in it, so I found myself a gluten free mix to make, next round of tomatoes.  Mama and Daddy and Scott will get these first batches to enjoy.)

Loving my organic veggie box from Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse too!  Lots of fun veggies every other week to cook up and experiment with!


Still following “the scandal”. No new news. 

And in an attempt to get off these damned pain pills again, I’ve gone gluten free once more.  Very impressive and convincing research to back up gluten sensitivity and a thyroid disease connection.  I’m hopeful.  I’ve been mostly gluten free for 2 weeks now (I forgot and accidentally ate gluten-ful stuff twice…  duh!) and I’m taking fewer pain pills – going from 1.5 pills per day to .5.  I know it may be psychosomatic, at this point, because I’ve read that it takes 6 months gluten free for it to be completely out of your body.  And I don’t know if, in today’s culture, that it can truly ever get entirely out of your body…  We do the best we can.


My garden is so much fun right now!  Finally, finally, I’ve gotten enough food to make it pay for itself and the weather has cooperated this summer too!  So much so that I’m dreaming of another garden box next year and a cutting garden out front!

As I go gluten free, I’m trying to get my family mostly organic.  I bought organic flour to start making bread for my boys.  (Mama and Daddy bought be a cool, new bread machine to make the task a little easier!)


Still keeping an eye on my favorite Twilight actor…  after seeing a couple interviews, I like him even more.  He seems to be a genuinely nice person.  I hope so.

Finished up this week with a perfect trip to Big Elk – I cooked most of the weekend, the weather was cool and there was lots of knitting.  (and x-boxing for boys.)  Scott decided to stay home this time and refinish our deck – I love it when he does stuff like that, even though I missed him a lot.


School starts up on Monday and I’ve got to take a look at books and figure out a plan.  Scott’s going to teach the boys math this year. (wish him luck, please.)  I’m excited about getting started again.  I think Will and Scotty could live without it…  they’ve LOVED their summer break!


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