Project Life–Week 29

I’m liking my current entries, in this book, much more than the first few…  It’s evolving and I’m loosening up about the whole process.  I’ll be all set for next year’s Project Life Cherry Edition!


I think, also contributing to my liking the more recent pages, is the quality of the pictures.  Since learning how to adjust everything on my camera, manually, the pictures just look better.



And finally, I love mixing up the journaling.  I like putting words on tags, handwriting directly on the picture and I’ve just started typing journaling onto the photos in Photoshop.  I like to use all three.  Also matting some of the pictures to make it look a little less like a photo album.


I love the ease of this book.  I still look forward to putting it together every week.  I don’t do much other scrapbooking – a class here and there, but no layouts this year…  But that’s ok.  I like this right now.  And new kit designs coming out any day will keep me excited about it next year too.


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