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Bee’s wildflowers are coming along nicely.  It’s always so much fun to get a wildflower mix – cause you never know what’s going to come up!  Every year we’ve done it, they’ve been really gorgeous!  I even love the leafy parts!


Scotty helped me harvest a bunch of basil yesterday.  It was past time.  I bought cinnamon basil this year too and haven’t found any good recipes to use it yet…  And it’s really hard to cut off those beautiful, purple flowers on the cinnamon one!


Both varieties needed to be trimmed back, so we did.  It made for a beautiful basket full of green, white and purple!


And then we proceeded to make a giant batch of PESTO!!!


This was all totally inspired by this blog:  (my new favorite online read!)  Love reading about their garden and cooking and seeing all the beautiful pictures!!

And now, we have yummy homemade pesto in our freezer!  Thanks, Kristen!



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