Project Life–Week 28 + Other Stuff


It’s almost time to start week 29 and I’m just now putting the finishing touches on 28!  Seems I’ll have plenty of time to work on it – KC is having another bad night of coughing, so I got up with him at 3am.  Scott gets up with him 99.9% of the time and I’m so thankful that he does, because frankly, I’m a sleep wimp.  (and we all know it!)

So, looking on the bright side this morning, I’m going to start on week 29 too. Maybe even have time to work on another project before everyone gets up!


I am loving switching things up a little, in this book.  I’m using elements from Yearography from Simple Stories and love the look!  I’ve already decided to do this project again next year and they’ve come out with a new Cherry Edition that I simply must have!

This cute, little graphic was passed around my homeschool mom/friends on Facebook this week and I thought it was fun.


Got to include lots of pictures from our most recent trip to Big Elk!  The Rockies always make for a pretty page!


We have a lot on the schedule today – when today finally starts for real.  We’re going down to Sterling, Colorado to buy a new freezer for our side of beef that’s being delivered this week.  We’re going to Home Depot to yell at someone about our garage door, that should have been installed within 6 weeks and it’s now been 15!!!  I want to do lots of cooking with my Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse organic veggie box that we picked up yesterday:  dry currants, make pesto for the freezer and healthy carrot cake muffins for my beautiful parents!

I’m ridiculously excited about this tomato plant:


Planted in very early May, it’s had lots of flowers and not one tomato!  (while all my other plants are loaded with fruit.)  This week, I was rewarded for my patience.  There are 5 tomatoes on the vine and from the looks of them, I believe they are beefsteak tomatoes.  My first stab at the giant tomato and I’m hopeful they’ll be fun and yummy!  So cool to have one slice of tomato that will cover your whole sandwich! 

And it looks like Will is going to be a homegrown tomato eater already!  He’s requested them on his sandwiches a couple times – I love it!!!

We finished up swimming lessons yesterday.  We’re only doing one week this year, because Will isn’t enjoying it.  Scotty is a fish!  Both boys could use more instruction, but maybe it’s time for something different…


Ok, I’m off for another cup of coffee and more paper crafting.  Have a great weekend!


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