Homeschool Room

This was Scotty’s bedroom.  It was cute, when we set it up for him, but my baby is a pack rat and it had gotten out of control!  On top of that, there was just too much in there.  It’s a small room. 

When we first started talking about turning this into a boy study, there was resistance.  Scotty was attached to his messy little boy cave…  But he and his brother have been sharing a bedroom, by choice, since we started homeschooling, about 6 months ago.  And this room was totally unused.  (Scotty goes in there every morning to get his clothes – that’s it.)  We had even closed the ac vent and the blind and the door.


So, this is a live and learn project.  I’m sure there’ll be lots of tweaking and changing.  Scott is already talking about wanting a white board in there.  (I’m not convinced…)
I’m already imagining wintertime picnics in here and allowing them to have snacks in here, if they promise to read…


I don’t see this room as the place they will do a lot of school work.  They need a table to work at – and we all like hanging out in the kitchen for that.

There is a desk in there for times when the boys need to be separated. (when they’re getting on each other’s nerves.) NO – that hardly ever happens, right?

One boy can go in there and work on whatever…

I’m incorporating several documentaries into their studies this year and thought about putting a small t.v. in here, but I’m afraid it will be too much of a temptation.


A vast improvement over what we were doing! We now have a place to put school books! The bottom shelves will be for school books only. Then they have regular reading on another shelf.  And on an optimistic note, we can even clear off another shelf if they want to read more.  I’m totally willing to buy more books!  (or maybe even an e-reader.)


I have high hopes for the keyboard that Grandma gave us. I LOVE music and I SO want it to be a significant part of my boys’ lives. I want to teach them about music and I want them to learn to make music, if they are so inclined. I have a friend who teaches piano and one boy who says he’s interested in giving it a try. Still waiting on Daddy’s final vote…

If Daddy votes no, this clever little piano came with instruction books and is pre-programmed to help teach!  (Mommy just gotta learn how to do it…)


My mom says that storage is always fun! I tend to agree. Now I have a place to put art, art supplies, science experiment kits and used textbooks… (having just started homeschooling, we don’t have many used textbooks yet. I can already see there’ll need to be a better system very soon.)


The boys like their new room.  If you have any suggestions as to what I can do to help them WANT to hang out in there and take ownership of their new space, please drop me a line!

Likewise, if you have ideas for  homeschooling in this room, please let me know those too!

I already anticipate this being an ever-evolving space.


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