I’ve Grown to Love Summer

Especially this time of year – when everything is at it’s peak of green and beautiful and the garden is getting ready to shower us with veggies!  If I don’t have a shitload of tomatoes this year, I never will!  We’ve had PERFECT tomato weather so far this summer!  And this weekend, my honey built a cover for our garden box, so that we don’t have to worry about hail – even has clear awnings on the sides! 

I spent lots of time yesterday, playing in this garden box – weeding and trimming and examining.  I LOVE IT!  (I’ve already put in for an additional one next year!)


My boys helped me mow, after Daddy worked on the garden box.  Dood took a lot of pride in a hard day’s work.  Pleased me to no end!  At the end of the day, he and I talked about the reward and how beautiful our home is.  Damn, I love that kid! (You can see him in the shot below, over on the far left, pushing the mower.)


When we moved into this house there were NO trees.  Our then neighbor bought a dozen Aussie Trees and planted them.  At the time, Scott was anti-tree because of the trouble they present when mowing.  (He’s since come around.)  So this tree, hanging over my fence is one of those Aussie Trees that my friend, Heidi, planted.  It was just a little sprig five years ago.  Now it’s beautiful, hanging in my yard too!


Perfect spot to hang out with a glass of water in the summer or a cup of coffee in the fall!  I love it when Scott builds a fire and sits out there with me, when the weather first starts turning cold!  We’re going to be staining the patio, later this summer, a warm, rich brown.  I can’t wait!


Boo’s checking out the zucchini.  We’ve gotten several zucchini and yellow squash already.  I need to cook today!


The almost outgrown swing set…  SIGH…  (and our baby elm tree.)


I’m happy with how things are looking right now.  (and keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t get hail this year…)


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