Yes, you’re right.  It’s Wednesday and I’m just now thinking of sharing last weekend.  It’s been crazy busy around here.  (in a good way.)

We spent last weekend with Guh/Umpa at their Heaven mountain house.  It was unusually warm the first day – made everyone kinda drag…  But Sunday was AMAZING!  Scott cooked us a big breakfast and then we fished, explored, took pictures, climbed rocks, hung out by the lake.  Guh and Umpa even came and joined us at the lake!  NOTE TO SELF:  SUNSCREEN!!!  My little Dood got it the worst.  (slacker Mom.)  Ugh.


My favorite picture from the weekend is this one of my little explorer boy, wearing Daddy’s shirt, checking out every little rock at the lakeshore, fearlessly!  He was so sweet, when I was following him around.  He would hold my hand when the ground was steep and beat bushes with a stick if it looked like there could be a critter hiding there…  Love that boy!


Now we’re home, preparing for our next summer adventure!


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