Week in the Life 2012

I’m just going to share a few of my favorite pages.  I love this book, the whole process of putting it together and going back to look at it later.  This is the fourth time I’ve done Week in the Life and these are the books that I reach for most often.


It’s not nearly as time-consuming a process as the first two books were.  There was lots of traditional scrapbooking back then – painting, stamping, journaling.  Now it’s very un-complicated – lots of digital time-saving and easy journaling – even prompts to write about now.


I waited to see what Ali Edwards was going to do with the in-between pages before I started on mine and I’m so glad I did.  I think what she came up with is really special.  Baseball card page protectors, cropped and attached to a Hambly transparency.  Finally got to use Washi tape.  Ali provided some free download elements that keep things in an easy to follow format:  the days of the week round letters.


Not near as much “life stuff” this time.  (mail, receipts, bits and pieces of stuff)  I’m very picture heavy.  But that’s ok with me.  Ali is already talking about doing it all over again next year  (I’ll have other opportunities.)   I’ve always thought I’d love to do this project while on vacation too.  Of course that wouldn’t be documenting everyday life, but still fun.


I did LOTS with Photoshop this time, with the help of several video tutorials from Ali.  And once I got the hang of it, it was very cool!  I’m hoping to use it more often, especially so that I don’t lose the skill…  Been looking at digital elements that I can play around with on a regular basis.


Love that doggy page!


I ended up not buying a new album for this year.  Instead I just added 2012 to the 2010 book.  It’s full, but not to much.  (That’s what I did with the first two years also and it worked out great.)


It was a busy week:  the construction guys were working on our house, of course we were homeschooling too.  The journaling took a hit – but there’s still enough to get a good feel for what goes on around here.  And really – the pictures are the star, right?


I love this project.  I so, so enjoy playing along with Ali Edwards.  Looking forward to next time already!



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