Project Life, Week 17 and One Little Word May

My tendency is to leave Project Life pretty simple.  I like the look of simplicity and I want to get it done in a timely manner.  It’s important to me to record these things, and I remind myself all the time, “the pictures are really the stars.”


During week 17, I was also playing along with Ali Edwards and doing A Week in the Life too.  At first it seemed a little silly to do both – but they are not the same.  They don’t even look the same.  Especially this year, they won’t even look similar, because I used Ali’s Photoshop templates to do Week in the LifeProject Life is old-fashioned scrapbooking.


I LOVE pictures from this time of year, full of beautiful colors:  flowers, trees, grass, garden.  So pretty…


Working on the May prompt for One Little Word this morning and hoping that the word “Joy” actually becomes a significant figure in all our lives again! 


It seems silly, but it’s proving to be difficult for me to set fun goals.  (Goals to have fun.)  Because it usually means skirting chores and responsibilities, which is stressful for me…

But I want to learn how to make fun a priority.  To realize that, especially while the boys are still young, NOW’S THE TIME to stop and smell the coffee.  Enjoy the people in my life and every minute God gives me with them.  Love and fun should be a priority – showing it, giving it, having it and receiving it!


Supposed to fill out two of these goals sheets…  I’m still working on the second one…  (old habits, you know…)


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