Right Now


: feeling really good – it’s been a full, busy day at home, with school and chores, but it was awesome!

:: thinking about a couple days off from school, at the end of the week.

:: appreciating the sun.  It was overcast and cold all day yesterday.  Our baby garden and new trees like the sun!

:: anticipating a fun birthday weekend for Bee this week!!  My baby’s going to be 10!

:: reminding myself to slow down and smell the coffee.

:: wondering when they’ll ever finish my house…

:: hoping to knit tonight, but it’s unlikely, I’m at a very good spot in my current book… 

:: getting very excited about a trip to Michigan, coming up in June!

:: planning on chicken pasta for dinner tonight.

:: loving watching “Game of Thrones” with my honey! (catching up on all the old episodes.)

:: looking at my most recent week in Project Life and loving this picture-heavy entry.

:: hearing the boys, playing together peacefully and my black puppies barking, in the backyard.

:: remembering that I need to pay for yearbooks at public school tomorrow.  (my boys attended 2/3 of the year and they’d like a yearbook too.)

:: wishing my family could stay healthy for a long time now!

:: wanting it to be evening and Scott and I are sitting in the living room with a glass of wine.

:: thinking I better go start dinner.


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