Right Now


Right now:

Reading – The HostCatching Fire,  (want to read  the latest Sookie Stackhouse book and Insurgent, both came out on May 1st.)

Listening to – “The  Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe”

Working on:  Shaking up home school, One Little Word, Week in the Life – in which I struggle to put the whole book together in Photoshop, Project Life, Photo Challenge, yard/garden

Drinking – Crystal Lite Appletini and Peach Bellini (Will loves it too – not sure how I feel about him drinking Aspartame, though.)

Wondering – what Thomas Jefferson Education is all about and if it’s what we should be doing, or at least adding to what we already do.

Seeing – LOTS of big, exciting changes to our little house!

Feeling grateful for – friends and family, the support system I have is UNBELIEVABLE!

Dreaming – of summer days at Big Elk with my Mom and Dad – happy and healthy and having fun!

Loving – Homeschool!  It makes me feel totally invested in my kids again – like when they were babies and toddlers – like they’re our responsibility, not someone else’s…  I love having them home with me everyday and learning stuff together and teaching them.

Feeling – Blessed and tired from full, fun days.


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