Back Home Again

Spent a few days in Colorado, with our Guh, Umpa and puppies.  Had fun cooking some healthy recipes that my Mom had wanted to try

I just wanted to share some pictures today.  I’m still totally in love with Instagram!  Been playing with it for a couple of weeks now and…  IT IS SO COOL!

Here’s a look at my Instagram shots from the week:


But I still love the range, the focus, the editing capabilities of my Canon too…  I couldn’t get these shots with Instagram:




Now that we’re home, we’re half way into the house remodel:


Things feel a little chaotic because of the work on the house, but I’m looking forward to getting back to a routine and school – got some fun homeschool stuff planned for this week.  Garden planning, science experiments and a trip to the zoo!  (making plans for a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver too!)

And to top it all off, Ali Edwards is doing A Week in the Life this week.  Is there any possible way that I could fit it in, you think????  (I LOVE ALI!)

While knitting on this some more?


And finishing this book?

Lover Reborn


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