30 Days of Lists–Part 5

Favorite Memories:


With an Extra Hour in the day, I would:


(This one was so much fun to put together!  (and quick and easy, immediately knew what I wanted to do when I saw the prompt.) What would be in my care package:


I had the idea for this one right away, but it didn’t translate to paper very well…  (can’t win them all)  Confessions:


(I like this one because I got to use some of my all-time favorite patterned paper.) I’m Famous For:


This project is winding down and just in time, I guess.  I’m running out of room in my little book…

Today I’m anticipating another fabulous Sunday at home.  Going to work on Project Life, knit some (I knit a bunch yesterday and I can’t wait to share my current favorite completed socks very soon.)  We’re going to grill tonight too – supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees today.  Really, it’s just March?

Hope you have an awesome day too!


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