Outside my window… Tulips, day lilies, columbine, phlox and strawberries coming up earlier than I ever remember.

I am thinking…  Of ways to keep homeschool happy and exciting.

I am thankful… For weeks and weeks of little pain and no pain pills!!!

In the kitchen…  School and ingredients for Tuna casserole (dinner)

I am wearing…  Jeans, long sleeve shirt and flannel vest (won’t need the vest much longer…)

I am creating…  Knit socks, 30 Days of Lists, Project Life, Remember When Journal, One Little Word

I am going… To Colorado next Tuesday.

I am wondering…  When the work will start on the house.  (getting a new roof, siding and pergola – thank you “The hail storm”.)

I am reading…  Divergent

I am hoping…  Scott gets home before 7 tonight

I am looking forward to… Knitting something that fits again…

I am learning…  to homeschool, as we go.

Around the house…  I really feel like it’s a home now!

I am pondering…  How to take Boo on vacation this fall

A favorite quote for today…  “Yoda says, ‘Size matters not.’”  When I asked Will if he thinks Pluto should be considered a planet.

One of my favorite things…  Enjoying organic honey peanut butter that I bought last week, at Whole Foods!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  ice cream for perfect scores on spelling tests and Smash Journals for art on Friday, and HUNGER GAMES Friday night!!!

A peek into my day…  Full and happy!

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