Project Life–Week 11

This is the earliest I’ve been done with Project Life since we started homeschooling!  Daddy and the boys were busy, doing their own thing, so the pups and I played in my office all morning.  It was nice to sit and ponder and have the time to think and do what I wanted.


Overall, we did great with school this week, shaking things up a little, because we were getting in too rigid a schedule for my liking.  We all were battling a cold or allergies and none of us felt great, but we managed ok.


I love this painting that Scotty did at our first art class!


And a sweet apology note, written by Scotty on a particularly tough morning…


The boys spent a couple hours, one afternoon, baking healthy treats for the freezer.  (they’ll love pulling out a couple cookies at snack time.)  I took the opportunity to tell them about fat and calories and sugar, and we opted to use Smart Balance and coconut sugar in their cookies!  Also got some fun pictures at the park this week.  The weather has been so weirdly warm, we got to hang out at the park twice this week…

All in all, it was a good week at our house.


I’m going to finish up the last Hunger Games book today!  DEVOURING them as quickly as my eyes can move across the page!  Awesome series!  Then I’m going to knit until time to take a Mommy nap!  (I was up til midnight last night and up this morning at 5:30 – just not quite long enough for me…  And I decided almost immediately, it will be a nap day!)

It’s now 8am, and I hear my honey making his first cup of coffee.  I’m off.  Have a great Sunday, everyone!


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