Project Life–Week 7 (and other stuff)

Home Schooling began this week!  It was a rocky start.  The first three days were learning-as-we-go days.  (didn’t finish until almost dinner time…)  Then we took a long weekend, because “regular school” was having a long weekend and Guh and Umpa were coming to visit too – seemed like the thing to do!  And apparently, it was the thing to do, because when school resumed on Tuesday, it was night and day.  It was awesome.  The boys knew what was expected and did it and we were done in time to enjoy other things in the afternoon!

In our Project Life book this week, I included an additional insert with all the boys’ Valentines that they got from friends, at school.


The biggest improvement in their lives is having time again.  Where they used to be at school til 3:30 and then come home and do homework until 7 or even 8, if there was a test the next day, now they’re done with book learning by 1 or 2.  We do library days, gym days and art in the afternoons.  Some of the work they do in the late afternoon is life skills type stuff – chores, cooking (they’re doing a 4H project this weekend where they cook brownies from a mix and another batch from scratch and compare the taste, nutrition and cost), googling stuff we talked about in History or Science to find out more (this week we looked at a lot of Hubble Telescope pictures – VERY COOL!),  listening to music with me and talking about it.  So far it’s worked great and my boys get to be children again!


They have time to play again!  They hadn’t had time to play with their friend, Nathan in weeks…  And I felt horrible about that, but that’s what it was taking and Will was barely scraping by… 

Neither of my boys handle test prep very well, so I still have to figure out what I want to do about that:  to test or not to test.  Can I make it casual enough that it isn’t stressful?  Because, right now, they almost go into panic mode, when I mention the word “test”.IMG_1684

Turned out that Valentine’s Day fell on the boys’ last day of regular school.  It was great timing, all kinds of fun, special stuff going on to celebrate their time there. 

Both boys mentioned that they miss friends and Will even got teary-eyed the first day at home.  But I haven’t seen any of that this week.  And they told my Mom that Home School was great!

We made a rule, right up front, that there would be no x box and no television until school was completely done everyday.  It’s been awesome.  I give the boys a couple breaks, during the day and because there’s no electronics, they’re playing outside!  (that’s rare when the x box is available.) 

I love eating a nice (NOT HURRIED) lunch with my boys everyday! I still need to figure out some more varied, easy, healthy lunch options, but I’m working on it…

And while I’m talking about our boys:


This is the latest entry in my Remember When! Journal.  The prompt was something like:  when life was simple.  I used to think that having two babies in diapers, one still nursing was going to be the hardest time in my whole life.  Now, looking back, I realize it was a lot of work and it had to be structured (which I thrive on) but it wasn’t hard.  It was very simple:  feed us, change our diapers and love us.   Life gets complicated as you get older… 

These boys, however, have a STRONG safety net!!


One thought on “Project Life–Week 7 (and other stuff)

  1. Would love to hear more on the events that lead to your decision to home school. Wow! Big news! That’s awesome you can do that.

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