Project Life–Week 2

Week 2 was a very eventful week, so there are 3 additional inserts that will not be a normal thing…


Decided to add the happy, little balloon to emphasize the birthday that was this week – which was the main, big event!  (Will’s 11th!)


Had to include this sweet, little note that my Mom wrote to Scotty.  (She has always given the non-birthday boy a gift too.)


Top pocket is the birthday card that I made for Will.


I included cards, on the left and photo booth prints of each boy, on the right (stuff they made at Chuck E. Cheese’s.)  Fun stuff that would have gotten lost or misplaced, but now I have this awesome book to save things like that!


Bee’s trip to Build-a-Bear was an event all by itself.  And Will has outgrown “stuffies” so he really (initially) wasn’t “into” it.  But after Will saw all the cool stuff that Scotty had gotten, he had to have a piece of that too!  They had a great time there!  It was SO MUCH FUN FOR ME to watch Scotty shopping and deciding and making.  He’s very creative!


Finally, I just wrapped up the week with stuff at home and a lovely, normal day!


Still find myself missing the everyday stuff.   And maybe it was because the birthday party was BIG.  In weeks to come, I really want to focus on the normal, the everyday, the stuff that really matters.



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