A good day to be a boy

We headed out early yesterday for Will’s 11th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with all our “Colorado cousins” and Aunt Jean and Guh/Umpa.

Yep, here are all the trouble makers in the family – all right here in  one picture:


Dood was able to catch the elusive “1000 ticket” ticket!


I’m pretty sure our boys had a ball!  The shopping afterward was fabulous too!  (with Will’s birthday being so close to Christmas, most of the family gives him money for his birthday and it has worked out really well – cause he loves shopping after the party!)  THANK YOU, FAMILY!!


Scotty had asked to go to Build-a-Bear for Christmas.  So Santa got him a gift card.  Then over the last two weeks, he got worried that he’d be embarrassed and not have fun.  I assured him that he would love it.  THEN, when we got there, there was NO hesitation.  He had a ball.  They had lots of “boy” stuff to choose from.  Even Will wanted to go, after he saw what Scotty bought.  (I went back with Will and he spent some of his birthday money there.)

Will picked out this camo bear:


And Scotty got a Broncos dog.  (he’s coming around… silly, little Kansas City fan…)


Scott and I did a Build-a-Bear for each boy, when I was still pregnant with the boys.  It was so much fun, anticipating the arrival.  I remember looking forward to a time when the baby in my belly would be big enough to pick out his own Build-a-Bear… 

This is the first time we’ve taken the boys.  And I was so happy when I realized I didn’t let this  slip by undone.  I know I almost missed the window…  but we DIDN’T!



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