December Daily–days 19 and 20

December 19

So, so glad I thought to do this.  While making gifts for our teachers, it occurred to me that I don’t have any pictures of our lovely teachers…  So I texted Mrs. Cape and asked if we could have a little mini picture-taking session.  AND SHE AGREED!!!  So here is our lovely Mrs. Cape with both our boys. Will was in her fourth grade class last year and Bee has her this year.  We are so thankful to have her because she’s an AMAZING lady!


Yes, Will is normally a “huggy” kid, but if he’s standing next to someone he genuinely cares for, he latches on and won’t let go!  (Like in this picture!)  Mrs. Cape has always handled it very graciously – like part of the family!  (Thank you, Julie!)


And here’s a picture of the gift that Scotty made for her.  A little birdy told me that anything with peanut butter was Mrs. Cape’s favorite – so Scotty elected to fill her Christmas mug with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 

The journaling talks a little bit about how special this teacher has been to our family.


December 20

Scott was already on Christmas vacation, staying up late, sleeping in and so we had time, in the evening, to do fun family stuff.  This night we all made a giant mess in the kitchen together!  (I mean we made gingerbread houses and homemade pizza.)


I didn’t notice until I unloaded the image onto my computer, but I love that you can see Scott in the mirror!  Will noticed it immediately, when I showed him. 

The mistletoe is new this year and it was a must-have when I found out that Bee couldn’t control himself when someone was standing underneath it.  Hugs and kisses were showered on everyone – willing and unwilling!  It was great!


This is just miscellaneous stuff:  pictures of all three trees this year.  (that red one is Bee’s – he picked it out at Finney’s last year and they ran out of them before I got down there to buy it.)  We got it for him this year!


Pretty snowflakes and my honey’s impression of My Drunk Kitchen!  ( )


Collage of the fun activities of the evening.  The boys even got a pizza-making lesson, complete with dough tossing and everything.  VERY, VERY FUN EVENING – My God, I love these people! Thank you so much for letting me have them!!!


It’s getting close to the end.  and I’ve been busy on new projects too.  I can’t wait to share more.  Have a great day,everyone!


One thought on “December Daily–days 19 and 20

  1. You are so stinking creative! I love all the gift ideas you come up with – all the family activities you plan – all the projects you do with your boys.

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