December Daily–days 17 and 18

December 17

Met Katherine at the Coffee Corner to visit and exchange gifts.  I started thinking about how lucky I am to have her in my life…


This pretty background paper was made by Scotty, at school.  he stamped Christmas trees.  It was meant to be wrapping paper, but I told him it was too pretty to wrap a gift with and then throw it in the trash.  He agreed to let me use it in my little book.


She’s a beautiful person – inside and out!


December 18

Two of my boys went to a Broncos game, down in Denver.  Missed them, but they had fun.  The other boy and I got his Christmas shopping done.


He wouldn’t do face paint, but he DID put a pom-pom on his head and hugged a stranger/bear!  (all things way out of his comfort zone.)


Program and tickets in a pocket made from a Hambly transparency.  (love those)


Scott went back to work today.  The boys go back to school tomorrow.  Normal life resumes.  Sure went by quickly.  What’s next?


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