December Daily–days 15 and 16


December 15

My honey got to be Santa at work this year!


Just took a quick shot of my favorite little Blue Spruce on a frosty morning.  Took a shot of my glass of wine.  I don’t really like wine, but I’m trying to get in a habit of drinking a glass once in a while – cause it’s good for you and it’s so grown up! 


Scotty was so uncharacteristically silly when he learned all about mistletoe this year, that I had to get some!  And he didn’t let me down.  Lots of hugs and kisses and silliness! (it’s a little hard to see, but it’s hanging on the light fixture, in the middle of the kitchen – where I spend a lot of my time.)


December 16

Not much going on, so took the opportunity to use some everyday life “stuff”.  (receipts)  Also used an embellishment from a Starbucks gift pack (the green ribbon with the holly).


I was able to use a picture of one of my more successful healthy baking adventures:  sugar free, butter free ginger snaps.  (even picky little boys liked them.)



Been working on One Little Word – lots of fun (a little time-consuming, but good assignments this first month!)  Struggled with a couple details yesterday, but I think I’m ready to get started again today.  Might even go ahead and do a title page for Project Life too!!!!

I had a really nice day yesterday (all my boys were in Denver for the Broncos game, so I was on my own, but it was ok).  I got a lot of playing done! (and a little work – taking down all the Christmas stuff)  House looks mostly normal again.  I’m not going to pack up the little trees in the boys’ bedrooms until after they go back to school and I hope the outdoor decorations will be down by my birthday (in February)  hehehe

Looks like today might be another day full of playing… I LOVE THAT!


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