December Daily–days 13 and 14


December 13

I LOVE this shot of Boo and Bee.  We were having a lunch date, in the car, in front of his school and he leaned over the seat and gave Boo an upside-down hug.  She loves her boys!  (especially Bee, who we often call “Boo’s Bee”.)


Purely for pretty:


Ali mentioned this and I liked it and decided to include it:


December 14

Cherishing every single minute we have left with little KC.  I got a pretty picture of our doggy boy, on his new Christmas blankey!




So, I got the second half of the December Daily prints in the mail yesterday and couldn’t wait to finish this up.  I’ve asked  to reprint one of them, though…  so it’ll still be a week or so before it’s completely done.  (they cropped one a little too small and cut off some of the journaling.)

Also got the first prompt for Ali’s One Little Word class today…  I always learn so much in Ali’s classes.  This time it looks like it may be a refresher course in Photoshop (which I find extremely frustrating.)  Got held up trying to work with a photo overlay.  Finally got that figured out and now I’m blocked at finding a quote with the word JOY in it…  I can’t seem to find the right thing…  gotta put it aside and think about it a while.

My three boys are at the Broncos game, down in Denver today.  So it’s just the puppy kids and I at home.  I think we’re going to take down the Christmas tree in a little while…  I’ll have to take a picture, cause today is also the first day for PROJECT LIFE!!!!!

I’ve got a lot going on right now…  it’s JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!


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