What Are YOU Thinking About this New Year’s Eve?

I’m thinking about tomorrow being my first born’s 11th birthday..  How’d that happen?  He’s going to be gone with little brother and Daddy all day tomorrow to a Denver Broncos game.  Supposed to be really cold, so Daddy bought everyone Under Armour and big, wool socks!  They’re going to have a great time! 

We’ll be celebrating my Doodle on the 14th.  He’s decided to have a family party again, down in Colorado, with all the cousins!  I’m going to order a cake this year and have this design put on it:


Yep…  he looks kinda creepy to me too, but he’s the main character in Will’s favorite video game.  Also, he’s Italian, so we’re going to write “Happy Birthday, William”, on the cake, in Italian!  He’s going to love it!

What else am I thinking about?

*I went online last week to find something fun for the boys to mark another New Year:  a family activity or special meal or something…  Then I realized they weren’t going to be home…  So I found this:  http://teachmama.com/2011/01/new-years-family-interview-2-0.html (thank you Ali Edwards)  I’ve done interview layouts with the boys several times.  They love going back and reading them.  So I’ve printed out this interview and we’re going to do it later today.  Not sure how/where to store it so that I remember to pull it out next New Year…  I’ll come up with something!

*My Boo is going to the doggy spa today and as much as I love it when she’s freshly bathed and groomed, I hate for her to be away for that long…  The little puppies went last week and I forgot to ask Karla to leave them long, so they’re having to wear doggy sweaters or shiver all the time…  But they look adorable and they’re clean!  (and they got brand new, fashionable doggy sweaters!)



*Looking around my house is almost painful to me right now.  It’s a small price to pay to have all three of my boys home with me, but it’s really a test of my patience to look at my house in a total and utter state of chaos.  So, in an effort to not get completely stressed out about it, I try to stay a little hands-off – not picking up and cleaning every time I encounter something.  And that’s when I think the problem grows exponentially…  Things fall apart without the mom…


That big, ugly, pile of unorganized paperwork and wires and cables belongs to my husband.  I’ve GOT to come up with a better system.  It’s driving me crazy.  And until I do something about it, it will just get worse and worse – because it doesn’t bother him…


Tools that haven’t been put away, purchases that haven’t been put away, bills that he’s been wanting to address for days… 

But here’s the part I CAN control:


My office/studio/scrapbook room.  It evolves every year or so, into a mess that I can’t stand anymore.  I purge, and declutter and ebay and then I’m happy again.  Well, it’s time!  IN MY DEFENSE, I’m still in the middle of December Daily, waiting on the last group of pictures to arrive and not wanting to really put anything out of reach, til it’s done.  But soon as that happens, I’m ready!  Seriously considering going ahead and listing a bunch of stamps on ebay today.  Shelf space in this room is in high demand and anything not touched in the last year, is going bye-bye.

Another big project (after the boys go back to school) is thinning out the playroom.  They got tons of stuff for Christmas this year and are unwilling to part with any of their old/broken/not-so-loved stuff.  And I wouldn’t care if they got rid of anything, IF THEY KEPT THEIR STUFF NICE AND NEAT…  but they don’t.  There’s an expensive cell phone somewhere in their playroom that nobody can find…  Legos have a dedicated spot, but they are EVERYWHERE…  Mommy gonna fix it! 

AND…  all of a sudden all Scotty’s pants are 2” too short – time to go through his closet again…

So Spring Cleaning is gonna start early at our house.  I found this on Pinterest, earlier this week, and I have high hopes for it:


The calendar gives a suggestion for one declutter chore everyday – not in the least overwhelming, like “Spring Clean the Whole House, Like Now!”  I think it’ll be helpful.

Ok, I’m done venting my neurosis on the blog.  I’m going to go get dressed, hug a boy and take a puppy to the doggy spa. 

Have an awesome day, whatever you’re doing today!!


One thought on “What Are YOU Thinking About this New Year’s Eve?

  1. Hey, would you consider letting me shop your stamps first before you list them? Could use a few to round out what I have. Let me know the prices and all. Maybe email me the list? Only if its not a bother, otherwise dont worry about it.

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