December Daily–days 10, 11, and 12

December 10

We had a ball at the family reunion/Christmas dinner this year.  So thankful that everyone was healthy this year and happy.  The food was good and we always have fun with Debbie and Lisa (crazy women, my cousins)!  Thank you, Mama, for organizing and hosting the whole thing!!  And we had a new family member join us this time – well, he’s not a new family member, but he graduated from the kid table this year and joined us grown-ups.  Nice to have you, Levi!


Do you like the little Christmas-colored confetti window?  I fell in love with it when I first saw it and YES, I could have made one for myself pretty easily, BUT I got sucked in by this beautiful Etsy shop: . So I bought mine from her.


It’s mandatory, we always go to Starbucks when we’re in Colorado!  There isn’t one close to home, believe it or not…  We actually thought it was a good thing, when we moved here – that it would save a lot of money…  DUH!


December 11

Came home from having a fun night in Colorado.  Daddy drove back to Denver to attend a Broncos game and the boys and I stayed home and practiced being festive:  made gumdrop trees and listened to carolers who came by.  It was very cool!

I LOVE that the boys are mostly up to any fun, crafty project that I can come up with.  Especially Scotty, who is very artsy-crafty.  He loves making things, painting, drawing and even writing stories.  (It surprises me that he doesn’t like reading more…)


Will has fun doing Christmas crafts because it usually involves eating half of the bag of Christmas candy… 



December 12

Another day at home was Heavenly!  Got caught up on all the normal life stuff, made dinner at home, homework.  But on a trip to the kitchen, I spotted Boo, in the coffee corner, under the tree, just enjoying the peace.  She’s my doggy angel!


The picture in the top middle slot was the Christmas card that the boys made for their teachers.  They turned out really cute, I thought.  (one of our Christmas activity cards – that went over GREAT this year.)  We’ll be doing them again next year, because I fear, after that, my boys may be too old to enjoy a lot of it…

Also made ginger snaps out of palm sugar and Smart Balance that turned out VERY good.  We didn’t have desserts this year – but a couple healthy choices were available.



I finished up the layouts of this little book yesterday and ordered all the remaining prints.  I’ll be sad to see it go.  When you’re really “into” a project like this, it becomes a big part of your life.  But I do have Project Life and One Little Word coming up next week.

And thankful that 2 short days back on pain pills, was it!  I had pain for 2 days and I’m feeling pretty darned good again.  Hence, tackling all kinds of fun, new projects!  Thank you, God, maybe I really am going to recover from this thing.  (the doctors told me that it would behave this way, if it were viral…  they weren’t sure for how long, I would suffer, but it’ll go into remission, come back and eventually just go away.)  This is the shortest period of pain so far, I’m very hopeful that it’s on it’s way out!!!!  Please say a prayer or cross your fingers for me.

Scott and the boys are home with me til January 4th.  So happy to have them around.  I just need to practice what I preach and quit worrying about the laundry and sit down and enjoy it!


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