December Daily–Days 1, 2 and 3

I’m still having a ball, putting this little book together.  I’m so glad I thought to order the first half of the pictures, so that I could start putting it all together and sharing it!  So, here it is, the first three days of December, at our house.

December 1


A new December Daily/flickr/internet friend of mine mentioned that she makes collages on Picasa and it has changed my whole book!  Thank you Katie Scott Scrapbooker!



December 2


Built the left page on a gift bag that I picked up at Target.  I just thought it was really pretty…



Yep, that list is a list of actual gifts Scotty is getting this year, so shhhh, don’t tell!


That’s my baby Jo in the “Top Dog” ornament.  Miss her every single day.


I never thought much of the Lego Advent calendars, until now.  Scott bought this one and the boys have loved putting them together with Daddy, every morning.  Good job, Daddy!


December 3


I can’t share the second page for the third, because it’s a list of all the gifts that we’ve bought for everyone…  don’t want to be giving anything away too early…

So, the first half of the book is done, and I’ll be sharing a few pages every day or so.  And now…  I got some knittin’ to do!



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