Loving the whole December Daily thing

I’m having to make notes and reserve spots for photos this time, because I want to use large prints that I’ll have to order.  But I’m editing and uploading.  I’m doing all the other creative stuff in the book.

So far, this is my favorite picture:


I’ve dressed up lots of my foundation pages already.  Went shopping in Colorado on Saturday and picked up a few fun things to add later on.  I made my daily tags yesterday and, with input from an awesome scrapbooky friend of mine, they turned out pretty cute, I think. (Thank you, Tracey!)


I’m really enjoying the community of December Daily too.  Ali Edwards has set up groups on several websites and we all love to share.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing everyone’s take and everyone’s excitement!

In other news, all our Christmas shopping is done.  I’m waiting on a couple of things to be delivered and then I have to ship some stuff, but the shopping is done!  (I think this is the earliest I’ve ever been done!)

So, so, so thankful that I feel pretty darn good!  I’m really enjoying everything! I hope you are too!!



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