Cutest, most welcoming, homey house ever.  This is our old house in West Des Moines.  It had the best trees!  Perfect for tree-loving me!  (and you can’t even see the giant blue spruce behind the red maple.  It’s equally as beautiful!)


I loved the cobblestone walkway my honey put in !!  (maybe at the next house, someday?)  I just don’t think it matches our current house…


Still warm and cozy-looking, even in the middle of winter!


Again, it was all Scott!  He put in the blue lights and painted the geometric design on the wall and it looks awesome!  (that was before I knew I could help with stuff like that…)


Love the lights under the upper cabinets!


There’s the giant Blue Spruce tree!


This is the laundry room.  Yep we over-personalized this house.  Made it exactly to our liking.  It might have kept us from selling it as quickly as we could have, but it was so worth it to have a house, top-to-bottom “US”!


The other side of the laundry room.  I love this picture because you can see cloth diapers, hanging to dry!


Perfect, private, just-big-enough-for-everything backyard!


Our little, tiny boys preferred this half of the backyard…


pretty walk and gate that lead to the backyard…


Formal living room, which we lovingly referred to as the “coffee room”.


The family room, where we mostly hung out.  I will never own another house without a fireplace.  I miss that fireplace SO MUCH!  Lots of Miss Spider, Teletubbies and Barney played on that television!  And in this shot, do you see what’s going on beyond the sliding glass door?  Scott’s next project, already in progress…


The last remodeling project that we completed before quickly moving to Nebraska to be closer to an (at the time) ailing Umpa… Scott converted the screened in porch into a studio for me and it WAS GORGEOUS – EXACTLY ME!


I didn’t get to spend near enough time in this room!  LOVE that blue accent wall!


Another one of my favorite spots.  I’ve always loved just hanging out in the boys’ rooms, with all their stuff around me.  I’d stand at their window, watching for Scott to come home from work many evenings…

I just felt like reminiscing today.  I know Scott will love seeing all these pictures together.  We miss our time in Iowa and our friends there.  We miss our beautiful little house.  It was a great place to be!


3 thoughts on “Iowa

  1. You KNOW I enjoyed your walk down memory lane! My Iowa memories are so fond and also mixed with so much turmoil over our abrupt leave that I have a hard time going back and looking at them. Everything was JUST so and JUST right. It’s tough to adapt to another change. We still are three years later but we’re doing pretty well all things considered. I know this post isn’t about ME. Sorry to ramble. 🙂 LOVED the photo tour!

  2. We haven’t been very happy in Nebraska. Our time here has been full of illness, which hasn’t added much joy to the situation… But Scott’s never liked the house that I picked out here… There aren’t many houses to choose from in a town of 6000 people – so when you find one that kind-of fits your needs, you buy it. And that’s what we did. Also, living here, you don’t want to invest a lot of money in the property, you’ll never get it back. You’re going to have a hard time selling a home here under the best of circumstances…
    We LOVED our house in Iowa. Our lives were filled with wonderful friends and we were healthy.
    I’m not beating around the bush, I’m ready to leave Sidney. Have been for some time!

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