The Future is Uncertain…


This young man puppy is our little KC.  This September he’ll be 13 years old.  He’s been a handful almost from day one.  We joke around that he has canine Tourette Syndrome.  He’ll be happy and peaceful and all of a sudden, for apparently no reason at all, bite you… He wakes up with a start, mad, often…  We’ve learned how to deal with it pretty well.  We know when to show him affection and when NOT to.  Overall, he’s a good boy, just a weird idiosyncrasy or two – like most of us, right?

He’s had his share of health issues the last year and a  half.  He had a knee that wouldn’t stay in the socket -  it was looking pretty painful, so we took him to see about having it fixed.  During that procedure, we discovered that he had cancer in that leg.  He bounced back from all that – took a good year, but he was getting around well and we were even talking just recently about how he was using that leg more and more.

Then a month ago, he woke up with a cough…  It went on for a couple weeks – not too bad, just unusual.  I decided to go have it checked out.  The doctor informs me he has congestive heart failure.  Sounds terrible, I know, but there’s a pill to help and things should be ok.

The pill worked really well for a couple weeks, then the cough came back and kidney complications.  (it hasn’t been determined yet if it’s just a urinary tract infection or kidney failure.  He’s on antibiotics and we’ll check for bacteria when he’s taken all his medicine.)

At our last visit, I got the distinct impression that our vet was preparing me to lose KC.  I was in denial, telling myself, “it’s just a fucking urinary tract infection.  I used to get them all the time.  It’ll get better and he’ll be fine!”  The vet back-tracked and agreed that it could be…

I hear there’s an additional rx that we can get for KC to help a little more with the heart issue.  I should hear from the doc today about that.  KC’s still on the antibiotics.  He’s on exclusively heart healthy, prescription food now.  We’re doing everything we can to keep him with us for as long as we can.

I don’t know how to prepare for this…  I still hope that we can figure out this latest health crisis and hold onto him longer.

It’s a little less painful when I think that he will join my Jo, who was the absolute love of KC’s life.  But you still hold on for every minute you can get.



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