Just Enjoying What We’ve Made

Finally getting to enjoy strawberries that I planted THREE summers ago.  (I probably wouldn’t have done strawberries if I had known they take that long to produce…)


My wish was to have enough to make a batch of freezer jam and in a couple more weeks, I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen!



Oh boy, do I love these Columbine!  Those little spikey, pointy bits remind me of the wild honeysuckle that use to grow all over the woods that I use to play in when I was a little girl in Georgia.


And this blue Columbine?  Oh my – well first of all it’s my favorite color, but it reminds me of many, many fun trips to the Rocky Mountains.  All those memories flood back every time I look at this strong, thriving flower!  (I’ve always heard that Columbine are fickle and fragile and hard to keep alive, but I do NOTHING special to mine and they’re growing like crazy…  during years that they aren’t pummeled by hail.)


Just a beautiful, beautiful thing to look at!

The tomatoes and herbs aren’t doing so great yet, but I’m not going to complain too loudly when there’s so much that IS doing great!



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