Making Cake Pops–What I’ve Learned So Far


So, documenting my ongoing struggle to make cake pops, this is what I did yesterday…  It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I know the final product can be better.

First off, I’m a little disappointed when I found out that the makers of this little machine have only just recently renamed it to “Cake Pop Maker” from “Donut Hole Maker”, I think in order to cash in on the popularity of the cake pop.  But truth is, it DOES NOT make cake pops.  Cake pops have frosting incorporated IN THEM. And yes, you can inject frosting into the middle of these, but try to get them to stay on a stick when you do…  This is not a cake pop maker.

It’s a fun, little machine and my boys loved playing with it.  It did not, however, make what I was hoping for.


Cute, huh?  And fun to pop in your mouth.  They are bite-sized, like I had hoped.


I really hoped that injecting them with icing would do it for me…  but no.  Again the process was fun.  The boys loved giving them “shots”.


Also discovered that while Almond Bark is far easier to work with than melted chocolate, the chocolate is worth it!  Almond bark isn’t nearly as good.

So in order to use my DONUT HOLE MAKER, I need to find a recipe for donuts.  (not a cake recipe)

And if I want cake pops, I need to break out my Bakerella book and try again.


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