Cake Pops Make Me Say Bad Words…

This is as far as we got:


I knew it sounded too simple…  I’ve been on the internet, trying to figure out what went wrong and here’s what I’ve come up with:

I made the cake balls too large.

I missed the whole extra step (the secret tip that Bakerella  gives in her book) about gluing the sticks in with melted chocolate and then putting them back in the frig to solidify.

I may want to use lollipop sticks rather than bamboo skewers too…

I’m going to master these things.  They’re too cute not too, especially if you have little kids, there are so many things you can do with them to personalize them for kids.

Went to Amazon and bought this: and I’m looking for suggestions on how to make them a little less sweet.  (the boys and my folks ate two or three of the ugly cake blobs that I DID make and they were all almost sick because they’re SO SWEET!)


I was so excited about making something special again this Easter…  I guess I should have known to practice with a new recipe before the main event…

Thank goodness my mother was wise enough to bake another dessert…  just in case:


Peach cobbler was DELICIOUS!

I’ll keep you posted next time I give Cake Pops a try.  I’m on a mission and slightly obsessed, so it won’t be long…  LOL


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