Got Paint?–Week 3 projects

Sadly, I’ve fallen behind on this little class…  Haven’t even started on the week 4 assignments and week 4 is almost over too…

But I’m happy to share what I made last week.  Still having a blast, playing with paint, and ink and getting messy!!


Peeling paint technique, using Vaseline to mask off the areas you want to peel.  It’s very fun!


Here’s a closer look.  I love the texture it gives the background.

I knew when I saw this photograph on Facebook last week (Katherine took this picture and shared in on FB) that I had to do something special with it.  What a great shot!


Masking tape technique.  I’ll be doing this one again too.  What a great use for cardstock that you don’t like anymore and don’t know what to do with it!  (yep, I have some too.)  You just cover the whole nasty thing with little pieces of masking tape and then paint it.  Awesome!


This is also the peeling paint/Vaseline technique, but I applied the vaseline in a shape.  Painted over the whole, busy sheet of cardstock and then played!  Love that baby dog!

I guess I’ve kinda been procrastinating on the week 4 assignments, because it’s a lot of freehand doodling.  I’ve tried and I’m just never happy with how it turns out.  I’m going to try it again…  but it isn’t a burning desire…  I’ll keep you posted.

I must say, this little class was well worth the admission fee! 


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