Wednesday Morning

It’s going to be a day completely out of our norm.  School has a late start today, due to VERY cold temperatures AND Heidi Holly is coming to play for the first time.  (Sadly, Boo has a tummy ache…  I hope she feels better and has fun today.)

So, I mentioned that I was going to re-vamp one of the scrapbook layouts from last week.  I got the enlargement in the mail yesterday and put this simple design together, totally and completely lifted from Ali Edwards.  (I love her.)


I love how it turned out. has another virtual crop coming up the last weekend in February.  I think with a month off, I’ll be ready to do it all again by then.

I’ve got a couple things I want to get done today, hoping that the big girl dogs won’t need constant supervision…  I want to bake cookies for my boys.  (It’s been a while and I’ve been hearing about it too…  lol)  I want to start thinking and planning for Valentine’s Day – making cards.  I want to knit!!!  I’m feeling really great this  morning.  Praying that it sticks!

I hope you have a great day.  I know a lot of you have snow days today.  I hope you’re planning fun stuff with your kids!


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