Making Time for Fun

It’s been way too long since I’ve allowed myself to do something fun.  I let myself get weighed down in “need-to” and “should be” and I had effectively stopped knitting, scrapbooking, all my fun hobbies were gone.  Then I got sick.  Could they be related?

So, I’ve been turning over a new leaf:  setting silly non-goals for myself each week, like “I’m not doing any laundry today.” or  “I’m going to leave one thing un-done today.”  I’ve been making time in my day to relax:  going to the Coffee Corner on physical therapy days, knitting for an hour while I watch dvr-ed television that my honey doesn’t like, and this week I’ve been finding time for my two favorite hobbies:  knitting and scrapbooking.

Nothing new yet to show you on the knitting front, because I’m still working on the same sweater/vest for myself…  So, it’s grown a few inches in length, but nothing exciting yet.  However, on the scrapbooking front:


Some of these photos are over a year old, been sitting in my office, waiting to be loved…  This first page marks a day that I remember well:  It was last winter, it had snowed a bunch and the boys had been stuck inside far too long.  They weren’t getting along, constantly bickering.  We went to lunch at McDonald’s after shoveling snow.   And suddenly they were happy, in good moods, getting along.  It was awesome!


Bee’s second grade class trip to The Children’s Museum in North Platte, Nebraska.  I was a chaperone. It was a fun day.


Bee’s second grade Fun Day.  K through third grade all celebrate the end of the school year with a fun field day at the park.  I’ve accompanied the boys each year.  Some years it’s been warm, most times it’s been kinda chilly…  But we always have fun.


Will’s last school Fun Day, last spring, third grade.  He had a ball!


These photos are an excellent lesson in documenting the everyday stuff.  We were just eating dinner, outside, one summer evening.  Scott was gone somewhere, so it was just the boys and me and we were having so much fun, being silly and enjoying each other’s company.


I HAD to do a girl doggy page!

Most of these layouts were inspired or directly lifted from pages done by my friend, Tracey.  Thanks for the motivation to have fun, Miss Tracey!

I’m going to play some more today!


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