2010 Mosaic


One photo from each month of 2010, from left top to right bottom.  It’s been a memorable year.  And much to my surprise, it didn’t revolve around doctors and hospitals…

1.  Having lunch at Mimi’s in Colorado with Guh and Umpa.  (Dood was sitting on the other side of the booth with them.)

2.  Baby Boo, discovering that she loves playing in the snow!

3.  See…  I did knit something this year!

4.  The Easter Rainbow Cake.

5.  Bee’s 8th birthday party, in Colorado at Bounce.

6.  Cabela’s Fishing Day

7.  CRAZY weather and a microburst here in Sidney

8.  The boys learned how to swim this year!

9.  Flowerfield trip at school.  All the students dressed up like pioneer day students.

10.  The boys in DIA, preparing to take off to Michigan.  The first time for both on them, on an airplane.

11.  Dood got a shiner…  from his brother.

12.  The reaction and the face we’ve been waiting for, for 10 years!  (Christmas morning and opening the one perfect gift!)


4 thoughts on “2010 Mosaic

  1. Great pictures! I love reflecting back and remembering all the events of our year!! Matt talked to Scott and said you diagnosed yourself…good job! Maybe the doctors will refund? 🙂

    1. We’re very hopeful that I’ve figured it out. I’ve been on my own treatment plan for2 weeks now and I think I can already see improvement… And since the doctors are all grasping at straws now, I’m thankful that something’s working!

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