Through all our troubles these past few months, my faith in God has been challenged like no other time in my life.  I’ve always kind-of been on the fence about the whole God thing, not committing either way really…  Turning to him in times of need, but neglecting him most of the rest of the time.

Through all this I’ve discovered that I’m a believer.   There’s no denying it any longer.   I have felt love when I was alone.  I have felt support when I was down and I have felt peace when I’ve been in scary situations.

I’ve had serenity settle all around me when I could only think of bad things.  I’ve been given answers when I didn’t yet even know the questions.

There’s no longer a debate inside me.  I’m decided.


3 thoughts on “Debating…

  1. I’m so glad you believe. Without faith and something to look forward too, living here on earth would seem worthless. The plan that God has for you might not be understood at this moment by you but in the end, the way it pans out is perfectly timed and perfectly planned out. God knew you before you took your first breath and will know your last. He is in total control. I’m glad you feel His arms around you Tina when you need him most. Continue to pray and be a faithful servant and things will make sense to you.

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