Year in Pictures – Week 7



October 31, 2010

All dressed up in their costumes, waiting on Daddy to say, “It’s time!”



November 1, 2010

Just a beautiful morning…



November 2, 2010

Spent the evening before in the E.R., checking for broken facial bones and concussions…  Thankfully it was just a really good shiner, shockingly enough, administered by his younger brother.  They were grounded for a week!



November 3, 2010

Part of the boys’ punishment was no video games and I took the opportunity to go through all the movies and games and get them organized again.  Ran across this little Garfield cd and couldn’t believe I found it.  It was the boys’ favorite when they were in car seats, riding around Des Moines in a minivan.  We still quote this movie.  We’ve had fun this week, watching it again too!



November 4, 2010

The boys and I went to the library, after school, twice this week.  I think they were desperate for entertainment, knowing that they didn’t have use of the X-Box at home…



November 5, 2010

A neighbor forgot to turn off their sprinklers and it was 20 degrees overnight. I hope no damage was done to their stuff, but the frozen grass sure was a beautiful, shiny sight!



November 6, 2010

My cousin, Debbie and I took a day off together and spent the afternoon painting something pretty!  She painted a plate and I did a giant spoon rest.  It’s so much fun, almost therapeutic and we get together at least once a year to paint pottery.  I’m so glad she and I share this!


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