Year in Pictures – Week 2

One of my all time favorite scrapbooking projects is Ali Edwards’ A Week in the Life, where you document all the everyday things in your life, in depth, for 1 week, taking tons of pictures, carrying your camera everywhere with you, documenting your feelings and schedules and events and thoughts, holding onto bits and pieces of paper and stuff that enter your life…  It’s an awesome experience and those books are so much fun to look at a couple years after you’ve done them, seeing how your life has changed.  Change is indeed constant, whether you know it and feel it or not.

So the first two weeks of YIP, I’ve been attached to my camera everywhere I’ve gone and it’s reminded me of my favorite scrapbooking project.  I’m having a great time, thinking about organizing my pictures and sharing them.  So here we go, week #2:


September 26, 2010 

Sunday afternoon and my boys are X-boxing together.  There was a long period of time that there was very little video game playing going on at our house, but since the release of the latest Halo game, it’s a popular activity again.  I like it because I get to hang out with my boys and I get to read or knit while they have fun too.


September 27, 2010 

Drying basil all week.  It’s proven to be a lot more time consuming that I figured.  It takes a little over 48 hours to completely dry.  I’m preserving our garden herbs by drying this year because I didn’t like using the frozen in olive oil herbs.  They don’t keep their pretty color when you freeze them in oil and they just weren’t appealing to me.  I like my food to be pretty…  Maybe I’ll be done with the basil this week and I’ll move on to the parsley…


September 28, 2010

Had to drive down to Fort Collins, CO for a doctor’s appointment and met my folks for lunch.  The locust trees were almost at the autumn peak and it was beautiful!


September 29, 2010

My little, black, fuzzy shadow, following me around while I do all my Mommy stuff everyday.  It’s an awesome doggy day when I don’t have a bunch of errands to do, away from home!  This particular day she helped me harvest basil, back and forth, in and out.  She couldn’t have been happier.


September 30, 2010

Dood joined the choir this week. I know, judging from this picture, it looks like Will and a bunch of girls…  In reality,  most of the other boys still hadn’t calmed down enough to sit and get started.  Will said he enjoyed it and came home excited to share the Christmas music that they’re already working on.  I hope he sticks with it.  I was in choir in school and loved it.


October 1, 2010

Went to the Oktoberfest Farmer’s Market and Craft Fair with Katherine and kids on Friday.  The weather was nice, it was sunny, had a little cash to blow.  What more could I ask for?


October 2, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010 started with the parade.  Our boys marched in the parade with their Cub Scout pack and then, since they were the first act, they got to hang out with us and watch the parade and collect candy!  All the floats in the parade throw generous handfuls of candy as they pass little kids.  My boys (as well as the whole Sidney population, under the age of 10) look forward to this event all year.  It’s like Halloween, a few weeks early…

Then in the evening, we had some friends over to visit, built a fire outside and hung out.  It was really nice!  We were so happy that Thad organized a party for us!  Thanks, Mr. Holly!   Even named the occasion “Scottoberfest”!


One thought on “Year in Pictures – Week 2

  1. I am glad you are enjoying this project so much! Music was one of my favorite things in school too – I do hope Will sticks with it! My mom has been drying a lot of Basil too – but she does hers in the microwave! She has also been making a lot of pesto & freezzing it in ice cube trays so she can do small servings easily.

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