Year in Pictures – Week 1

Inspired by two sweet ladies I was lucky enough to meet at a Knit-in in Iowa a couple years ago, Liz and Essjay, I’m going to begin a year-long photography/blog project today.  It’s an attempt to share everyday happenings with extended family and friends, it’s documenting stuff to later maybe be scrapbooked for my children, but mostly it’s just fun!  So, without further adieu:

1:365 University Hospital

September 20, 2010

This is the view from the waiting room at University Hospital in Denver, taken while I was waiting on my man to get out of surgery.  Everything went very well that day and we’re very thankful!  It already feels like it was weeks ago…

2:365 Janie’s Cafe

September 21, 2010

So rarely do I get a picture of my Dad just being silly and having fun.  I really cherish this one!  We were all eating lunch together at a cute, old-timey diner in old town Longmont, Colorado.  It was fun, the food was really good and the company was awesome!

3:365 Mums

September 22, 2010

I wasn’t going to buy mums this year.  With all the giant grasshoppers we’re enjoying this fall, I wasn’t sure the flowers wouldn’t be devoured…  But, they were so pretty at the store, ended up I couldn’t resist.  I bought one, and only one.

4:365 Home

September 23, 2010

I was leaving to go to a Cub Scout committee meeting and looked back to the front of our home and was overwhelmed with gratitude.  See the two boys in the front windows, waiting to wave goodbye, as I pull away?

5:365 Pumpkin Cookies

September 24, 2010

So simple and easy to cook and pretty darned tasty, these have been a fall tradition in our house every year since the boys were tiny babies.  We call them pumpkin cookies, even though clearly they aren’t…  You have to add a sprinkle of sugar, just so you feel there was actually some real effort involved.  And as usual, my little boys gobbled them up!

6:365 Flannel

September 25, 2010

Scott and I bought new cotton flannel covers and boy are they warm! (which is really what I wanted because I hate running the furnace!)  The flannel is so soft and cozy, I can’t keep Boo off of it.  (as a matter of fact, I’ve stopped trying.  She deserves a little pampering too!)


Total pictures taken this week:  52


One thought on “Year in Pictures – Week 1

  1. I am *SO* excited that you are doing this project – I can\’t wait to see your pictures every week! I love the picture of your dad being silly! Isn\’t it the most wonderful feeling to be overwhelmed with happiness/gratitude? Whenever I get that feeling I always cherish it (and it seems to fade too quickly every time.).

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