Tahoe is almost done and other random stuff…

My mother did all the major knitting on this sweater.  She started it, I believe sometime last year and never could find the motivation to finish it.  So I took it from her a few weeks ago and I’m just about to finish it up.  I wouldn’t recommend this pattern to anyone because of all the sewing involved…  Even the band on the front, after picking up and knitting requires folding and sewing…  So still have that to do and sew on the buttons and it’ll be done!  I’m taking it to my mom this weekend.  I sure hope she likes it.  She’s knit herself a couple sweaters over the last few years but I’ve never seen her wear one of them… I hope she’ll wear this one…

Dood went on a field trip at school yesterday to Flowerfield, an old-timey schoolhouse that’s been restored.  The children were asked to dress as a student would have dressed in the 1800s and bring a lunch that would be appropriate for that time too.  So here he is!  Isn’t he handsome?  Sadly, he says he didn’t enjoy the trip.  It was very hot yesterday and pioneer schoolhouses weren’t air conditioned…

I still have one last physician to see about my eye, a neurologist.  That appointment is on the 27th.  After that, the official consensus is  that the vision impairment was caused by a temporary increase in blood pressure, which was caused by stress.  Had an eye exam yesterday and the ophthalmologist said the optic nerve and retina looks almost normal again. (healed)  She said the blind spots may be permanent, but it looks like the eye is healing up and getting better.  It was awesome to hear that!  They dilated my right eye yesterday, to get a good look.  I got Scott to take a picture, after he told me how weird it looked…

KC’s little leg is healing up great.  He had a luxating patella repaired and a fatty cyst removed from his lower leg.  The vet also pulled 4 yucky teeth, so poor, little KC, came home last Saturday, quite unhappy.  He’s doing much better now.

I thought this was adorable.  It’s a toy from a line of toys called Monster High.  I’m not sure yet if they’re based on a new t.v. show or what.  They have this little vampire and a werewolf, not sure what else.  I didn’t think my boys would get into them, but vampires are big in our house and Scotty was dying to have one of his own…  (bought it with his own money.)

And as for Will?  He went up to the store at midnight, 2 days ago, to buy Halo Reach with Daddy.  The next day at school was a little rough, but he said he’d do it again.  The boys each got a cool hat for the effort too.

The rest of THIS week should be easy.  We all have lovely little colds, but that ain’t nothing!  lol 

Next week might not be so much fun again:  Scott’s having a medical heart study on Monday to determine whether or not he needs a defibrillator.  We’re kinda hoping they place one, so we can stop worrying about it and get on with having fun!  After this, it’s just maintenance and treat as needed for my honey.  In other words, we get to resume our lives!!!  October is going to be AWESOME!


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