Today, Tomorrow and this Labor Day weekend

I just told my Mom yesterday that I couldn’t get into putting all the fall stuff out yet.  It was hot outdoors and it just didn’t feel right yet…  Today it was 50 degrees outside when I woke up!!  When I opened the back door to let the pups out, the boys laughed at their crazy mommy, dancing on the deck, all excited that it was kinda even chilly!  (Will assures me he likes having a crazy mom.)

So it’s lunchtime now and 62 degrees.  I have all the doors and windows open and it truly feels like my favorite time of year is right around the corner!

Sadly, I have to go in a little while.  I’m heading down to Colorado for a second opinion ophthalmologist appointment this afternoon. Still have a blind spot in my right eye and my current doctors can’t explain why…   I’m staying the night with my Mom and Dad, and coming home tomorrow.  The boys are excited to be going to the after-school child care with some of their school friends today.

Then home tomorrow and quickly do some laundry and pack up again to go to the mountains for the long weekend.  I can’t wait to be there, everything brought in, put away and sitting on my butt with a cup of coffee and a pair of knitting needles!

We’re going to the annual Labor Day picnic up at Big Elk on Sunday.  It’s always a fun way to spend the afternoon and usually the weather is awesome up there! (near Estes Park, Colorado)

I’m sure there will be eating and fishing and touring and picture-taking and just general hanging out with family and having fun.  What will make it even more fun for me is that I don’t have to worry about my fuzzy kids at home…  THEY’RE COMING WITH US THIS TIME!!!

What looks like fall in this shot?  That’s my favorite, seasonal, pumpkin/spice candle burning and it smells WONDERFUL!

Ton’s of pictures to come next week!


One thought on “Today, Tomorrow and this Labor Day weekend

  1. I hope your ophthalmologist appointment went well & that you had a safe trip back home!I adore all of your fall decorations. Fall is BY FAR my favorite season of the year! I love all the fall touches you\’ve added to your home!

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