Right Now

It’s just me and my monster puppy today.  The two little puppies are at the doggy spa, getting spruced up.  I have some errands I’d like to run, but I’m not sure if monster will handle being home alone very well…  Of course she’ll be in her condo (kennel) but she has pretty bad separation issues…  (meaning her condo will be a stinky mess when I return, if she gets too upset.)

Did these pages a couple of weeks ago, during the online crop at www.acherryontop.com .  I had so much fun, playing with all my stuff again.  I love this sweet picture of Scotty.  Sadly, I just gave that shirt to Goodwill…  too small.  sniff, sniff…

Got a lot to do today.  I’ve let myself fall behind due to traveling for doctors visits and such.  I’m happy today, though and I feel pretty good, except for a dull ache where I had a thyroid biopsy yesterday.  Everything with our health issues is on track to be fixed.  It’s just going to take a little time to fit it all in.  Just gotta be patient, which apparently isn’t my strongest attribute.

This last page documents our most current trip to our condo in Vail.  This most recent trip wasn’t as much fun as it always has been in the past. Several things contributed to that fact:  1. we went too late in the year and couldn’t do all the outdoor things we like to do. 2. we were trying to go on the cheap. 3.  a neighbor in our complex had a serious domestic dispute and we had to be relocated to another building, for our safety.  NOT a fun situation.

After that trip, Scott started talking about selling the place.  I convinced him that now is not the time to get rid of it, after just having had a bad experience there.  So we’ll have the place for at least one more stay…  Hopefully it’ll be better next time.  We’ve sure made some awesome memories there so far.


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