Gonna be a Full Week…

I was able to play quite a bit the last three days, participating in lots of the fun going on at www.acherryontop.com and their Summer Online Crop.  I entered several challenges, that I think will be judged and awarded prized next week.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Been busy today, trying to get everything in order to be out of town most of the upcoming week.  Tomorrow the boys and I are heading out at 6am for an eye doctor appointment in Scottsbluff.  The boys are already complaining about the early hour, but they’ll live.  I was just thrilled that the doctor could get me in so quickly.  And hopefully they’ll have good news about what’s going on with my eye.  (We did get good news:  all the tests that my general doctor ordered came back normal.)  So I’m really hoping that it’s just a weird, little freakish eye thing that doesn’t require surgery to fix…  maybe even it’ll fix itself?  God, that would be awesome!

Then we should be home, if everything goes well, around lunchtime, at which time I’ll finish packing suitcases and getting pups ready to go to Colorado.  We’re taking off when Scott gets home from the office for his week-long evaluation at National Jewish Hospital in Denver.  We’re both ready to really be on top of his condition, to know what’s going on and how to keep it from getting any worse and hopefully even make it get better! 

It’s not going to be a lot of fun, hanging out at the hospital, but maybe we can find time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  I’m taking something to knit and a good book too.  (I’m thinking even a week in the hospital might be a nice break from his job right now, which is VERY DEMANDING, approaching the deadline for a huge, 4-year-long project!)

Not sure what’s going on after Thursday.  Might need to come home right away because of Scott’s project at work, might talk him into staying an extra day and doing something fun.  The boys are excited because they’re going to stay with Guh/Umpa a couple of extra days without Mommy and Daddy.  (first time ever)  My folks will bring them home on Sunday.  I just hope they don’t kill each other…  It’s going to be a long week for my folks too, who have volunteered to keep two boys and three additional dogs all week and the boys a few more days after that…  They’ll be glad to be rid of us when school starts up again!   Don’t know what Scott and I will do, all by ourselves next weekend…


2 thoughts on “Gonna be a Full Week…

  1. I\’ll be thinking of you both while Scott has all his testing done. Maybe the adventure of Guh and Upmas house with out mom and dadwill stop the killing. I hope you get to stay the extra day and do something fun!!

  2. I do hope the week hasn\’t been too hard on you & Scott – I\’ve been thinking about you both all week!I do hope you can find something to enjoy the weekend without the boys! Enjoy!

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