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I had time to play with my scrapbook supplies one day this week.  All the supplies are still sitting around on my desk, in an effort to make myself use them some more.  I know I’m going to do some this weekend, because I’m participating in a virtual crop at .  Going to join a friend tomorrow and crop together.  I’m really looking forward to it.

So this first layout has pictures of Boo from last fall.  We don’t keep her that fuzzy in the summer and she’s much bigger now.  She’s brought so much joy to our family.  We all love her so much.

Got to play with paint!  I always love the look that paint and plain ol’ cardstock create.  I really should do it more often.  Thinking of my next Fort Collins shopping trip, I need to make a stop at a scrapbook store for some basics:  paint, glimmer mist, cardstock, patterned paper.

I don’t know if it’s the overwhelming amount of time together our boys have had over the summer or if it’s just their ages, but THEY DON’T GET ALONG WELL.  They fight ALL the time, over every little thing.  When there’s a rare moment of peaceful cooperation, like this one, I take note!


I love this shot of Scott.  He looks so sexy.  (doesn’t hurt that he’s cooking dinner…)  So this is just a mushy layout to document how much I love him. (and when he cooks!)  lol

And last but not least, this is an older shot of the boys, taken the last day of summer break in 2009.  We had a fun day, playing at the park.  I remember the weather was a little on the cool side that day – we lucked out.  Might try to go back to the park this year, or the pool.  Something fun, for sure.


One thought on “More Pages

  1. Lovely pages! I don\’t remember a time when my sister and I ever got along when we were young – it took us both going to College to make that happen!

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