Thursday and I’ve got a little something on my mind


I’m a little worried about me.  Got something unknown going on with my body and can’t find out what it is quickly enough for me to be happy.

Monday afternoon, I had what I thought was a small migraine.  It was a 30 minute long visual distortion that looked like I had been looking at a light bulb and looked away.  It was only in my right eye.  It got less intense and I figured it would go away.

Next morning, I have a blind spot in the center of my vision in my right eye and it hasn’t gone away since.  It gets more intense in bright light, or maybe I’m just more aware of it when I’m looking at bright light.  I’m not sure.

Went to the ophthalmologist Tuesday, who discovered that there are several arteries on my right retina that aren’t getting adequate blood flow.  His first thought was cholesterol and an arterial blockage, but an ultrasound yesterday said that was not the case and my cholesterol is good.  My MD, upon examination, has discovered that my thyroid is enlarged and I had an ultrasound of that today.  They did a bunch of lab tests yesterday also, the results of which we should have tomorrow.

Messing with one’s vision is a scary thing!  I’m ready for this to be fixed!


2 thoughts on “Thursday and I’ve got a little something on my mind

  1. So very scary! I do hope that they are able to get everything figured out and that the thyroid thing is easy to manage. I\’ll be thinking of you & crossing my fingers!

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