Weight Loss Update

I had an epiphany at swim lessons this morning.  As Scotty’s swim instructor was telling him not to give her excuses, I realized that’s what I’m doing with myself.  And I’m ready for it to stop.  Here are my current go-to excuses:

1.  It’s summer break and I want to eat all the fun summer foods that my kids want to eat and have fun with them.

2.  I deserve a break.  I’ve done so well so far.

3.  I hurt my knee BIG TIME back in April and I’m afraid to ride the bike anymore.

4.  It’s too hot to walk at the park.

5.  I love to cook good food for my family.  (I fall into this trap a lot.  Good food doesn’t have to mean that it’s fattening or laden with sugar.  And I’m afraid I can already see some of my bad food habits in one of my children.  But he’s young enough that we can turn it around still.  We control what he eats still.)

I’ve lost 4 lbs since March because I’m not following the rules much.  I’ve gotten lazy about what I eat, because I’ve lost 88 lbs and I already feel like a new person, but I want to lose more and NOW it’s a little more difficult and I have to put a little more effort into it.  Now’s the time to hold myself accountable and follow the rules again.  My band gives me a HUGE advantage.  All I have to do is use it!


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. ((((Tina)))) it\’s never easy is it. I\’ve slacked so much it\’s not funny. I keep saying October. I\’ll get back at in October.Don\’t let it get away from you Tina. You\’re doing awesome!!! 4lb loss is still a loss.

  2. It is incredibly hard to stay on a weight lost journey and you should be proud of the 4 pound loss – it isn\’t a gain! Hopefully you can get back on track and have even more wonderful success!

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