22 More Days of Summer Break

He’s so proud of himself today.  He has struggled and struggled with his fear of water and swimming and today he took a huge step:  he put his head under the water and he swam.  I’m so happy for him, I can hardly stand it.  We’re going to continue with our swim lessons this week and probably next.  I’m very encouraged that he’s going to do great!

I’ve been craving rye bread and spicy mustard.  So I had peppered turkey, light Swiss on rye with spicy, brown mustard and it was delicious!  It was also the only time I got to sit down today.  That’s a homegrown tomato too and it was yummy!

Starting to pick up back-to-school stuff as I find things I like.  The big school supplies shopping trip is still a couple weeks away…  But I’m so tempted to buy it early.  I just love buying all that stuff.

My reason to stay alive, if that’s what I am… Oh, sorry, got side-tracked by a Twilight daydream…  I meant to say this is my reason for gardening! Aren’t they lovely?

A sweet friend of ours brought over two gorgeous zucchinis from her garden today too.  I was thrilled and probably will bake chocolate zucchini bread (for the freezer) tomorrow.  The freezer, which I spent all day today, defrosting and painstakingly cleaning.  Should be good to go again tomorrow.  Boy it took a lot longer than I thought it would.  It’s an ancient, little freezer, but it’s so awesome.  I don’t mind defrosting it once in a while.  My husband bought it at a garage sale, several years ago, for $7.00!  It’s an awesome little freezer.

Boo and I go out almost every afternoon to water the garden.  She plays in the water and I check on all the plants.  Bee joined us today and watered my favorite maple trees. It was 98 degrees here today.  Supposed to be 100 tomorrow…

And finally…  my gorgeous husband celebrated his 64th birthday yesterday.  Happy birthday, honey! (giggle, giggle)  He gave me  a hard time because I had put 4 candles on the left and 6 on the right to represent 46.  But I didn’t turn it around to face him.  So, to him, it looked like 64…  (I’ve always had a thing for older men…) 


One thought on “22 More Days of Summer Break

  1. Those tomatoes look delicious! I\’ve been following the boys swimming successes on Facebook! I\’m so glad they are both doing so well & are sticking with it – they should be so proud (and I know you are!!).

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