Weekend Stuff




After:  This bench had seen way better days when I started working on it, back in June.  It was naked, rotting wood, abused by the Nebraska sun and winter.  So now it has paint protecting it and Scott antiqued it.  It looks beautiful and like it’s been around forever.  I love it.  Turns out I never would have been able to get it back together by myself.  It required lots of improvisation.


After: (she LOVES her new doggy food stand because now she doesn’t have to strain her neck to eat off the floor.  Remember she’s got freakishly long legs…  lol  And an added benefit is that the little pups can’t reach her food anymore!)


After:  From the above drawing, my very handy husband built:  One gorgeous potato/onion cupboard.  I’m still searching for the perfect baskets to go on the inside shelves.

 And two nightstands for our bedroom:  (He made the headboard several years ago.)  I’m so happy with how everything turned out.  It’s all gorgeous.  It was a lot of work.  Thanks, baby!

I guess he thought, “Long as I have all these big, wood-working tools out, I might as well do EVERYTHING.”  And he did!


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