This Week Has Been An Eventful One

On Monday, I drove down to Colorado to hang out with my cousins, have lunch and see Eclipse again.  It was a fun day.  Lots of driving (5 hours in the car) but it was worth it!  Um yes, must make a Starbucks stop.  We had lunch at P.F. Chang’s and enjoyed lots of girl talk.  My family is certifiable, so it’s always fun talking with the crazies! 

On Tuesday, we had a major storm roll through our little town and cause lots of damage!  Roads were closed, some washed away, bridges deemed unsafe, areas flooded.  There was a train derailed and just general bad stuff everywhere.

We’re convinced now, that this was the microburst that did most of the damage.  We’ve had a record spring here in the Nebraska panhandle, having had 20 inches of rain already this year.  (our annual average is 18 inches.)

Some of our storm damage included losing about 20 little, green tomatoes.  Of course the storm beat up all the trees again.  We’ve had to file a claim with our home insurance.  Looks like we’re getting a new roof and a new fence and some siding and windows replaced…  LOVELY…  I’m so thankful that there was no damage to either of our cars!

So, although I got tomatoes a little sooner than I would have chosen to pick them, we DID have a delicious dinner that night!  This is one of my favorite summertime recipes:  hamburger steak with bruschetta topping, made from our tomatoes and our basil.  This time, however, I forgot the onion and it was missed greatly.

Yesterday was my get-caught-up-on-all-the-Mommy-stuff day.  I ironed, I sewed, I cooked, I did laundry, I cleaned.  I re-subscribed to FlyLady to help me not become completely overwhelmed.  A couple times a year, I get so frustrated with the level of clutter in our house, that I seek out help from FlyLady and get it under control again.  I’m not done yet…

So I cooked granola and for the first time it DOES NOT have chocolate chips in it!  This batch was made for me, with honey, walnuts and cranberries and it’s very YUMMY!

I made chicken tacos and refried beans for dinner.  Even Mr. Picky Eater himself (that would be Scotty) said the taco was good.  I have only one complaint:  My stand-by-itself taco shell did not!  And that onion?  It’s a Vidalia onion and it was sweet and delish!

I’m hoping today will be a little less eventful.  We’re going to see Despicable Me tonight.  Not sure what’s for dinner.  I may take the boys to the swimming pool this afternoon.  Got a few errands to run.  Thankfully the supermarket has already been done.  I hate when I procrastinate on the grocery shopping.  (spent 200 bucks yesterday because we were out of everything.  It sucks.)

My honey has exciting plans for the weekend:  cleaning the garage.  We know how to party, don’t we?


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