I’m SO in the Mood to Quilt Now…

     Oh my gosh, I’m SO in the mood to quilt now!  I don’t even like to sew, what the hell’s wrong with me?

     All these beautiful things I found on blogs and flickr today and a blog buddy mentioning that she’s going to be quilting a table runner too…  Oh NOW I HAVE to do it.

     I’ve never done appliqué, and it looks pretty labor intensive, so the table runner on the upper right is probably out of the question.  Although I may still use that color palette.  I want something that looks summer-y.

     Originally saw the one on the bottom right this morning, while reading my daily-read blogs.  This one by Soule Mama (Amanda Soule) was the spark of inspiration.  That’s her tree quilt on top too.  LOVE IT!    I think it’s appliqué too, so I may be screwed…  I bet Katherine knows how to appliqué…  Katherine?

Here’s Amanda Soule’s blog, if you’d like to check it out:  http://www.soulemama.com/soulemama/ .  I love watching what she’s up to.

     Love the runner on the bottom left too.  Looks the easiest to build too…  (I could be wrong…)  This one is by SarahQFD on flickr.

     I’m still going to hold out and see what kind of table runner plans are being made by Essjay, before I decide what to do and/or buy.  Sara?    


4 thoughts on “I’m SO in the Mood to Quilt Now…

  1. (second comment as the system didn\’t like how chatty I wanted to be!) There is some sewing in this one but no quilting…they do have a ton of runners that have even less sewing than this one. I do hope you can find something to sew! Sewing is more of a winter activity for me and I think when we move to a bigger house & I can have my own room to craft in I\’ll sew more. Right now using the dining room table is less than optimal.

  2. Very cool! I just googled "tiny ones table runner" and came up with tons of little pattern cards. All the possibilities! lol Thanks so much for the information.I know what you mean about having to use the kitchen table. There\’s not enough room in my office for a sewing table, so my poor little sewing machine is stored away and not used near as much as it would be otherwise.So are you guys looking for a new house?

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